About Us

Our Story:

     Once upon a time, two lifelong friends began to speak more earnestly on the challenges each had faced in life. They realized that everyone they knew had experienced body shaming, and invalidation for having felt shamed. “You’re skinny, what do you know about anything?” “If you don’t like being called fat, just stop eating and lose the weight.” The judgments are always followed by justifications of “just being honest” or that, “people have to know what they have to change” They wondered why no one ever wants to “just be honest” by telling people all the glorious things about themselves that the world needs. 

     Throughout the years, there have been many conversations between us about how valuable people are, and how often we’re all convinced to hide or diminish ourselves to meet the expectations of others around us. We’re told we’re high-maintenance, or a doormat. Too large, too small, too loud, too quiet. Though beauty is different for everyone, society has consistently sought to bend and shrink people into whatever mold is deemed acceptable at the moment. Did you know several fashion rules throughout history were put in place specifically to be out of reach of the “lesser” classes to keep those oh-so-important divisions?

     Joy and Fox believe that we are better together, and are dedicated to tearing down the labels that keep us apart. Small does not equal healthy. Large does not equal lazy. Hourglass is not the only flattering body shape. While we fully believe in the importance of health and individual progress, we believe those goals are best reached from a position of self love. When you truly love yourself, you don’t have to be afraid to look inside and make the corrections that feel right to your unique and best self. 

     In some ways, it’s unfortunate that our eyes are our fastest sense. By the time we stop to listen, we’ve already launched ourselves into a series of subconscious judgements. Though, like many things in life, these subconscious judgments can be used in a positive way. While appearances may not be the most important thing about us, when we know we are dressed in ways that feel good to our soul, we can have the confidence to shine for who we are in any arena we may encounter.  That’s what we’re about at Fox and Joy. We’re about giving people that little extra boost to help them see their own magnificent beauty.